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Susan Holt

Susan Holt

Passion drives artistry and for me that passion is fueled by wild landscapes and awe-inspiring natural features that present themselves in the great outdoors. It sees me waking at crazy hours, driving half-way across the country, and putting myself in situations that threaten my life to create photographs capturing them in their raw and pure beauty.

I am largely self-taught, apart from a commercial photography class in college. Thriving on a thirst for knowledge and improvement by studying the composition and techniques of others and adapting them to my own creative instincts. While I read constantly about photography techniques and skills, there is no substitute for practice, and getting out there to shoot and learn from my mistakes has been integral to my development as a photographer. But it’s not just about finding a spot and shooting - the planning that goes into executing captivating landscape images surprises most. I study topographical maps and Google Earth, I research the expected conditions and how they vary between seasons, and I religiously follow weather apps to time my shoots with atmospheric skies. Once in the field I scout for the perfect location and composition, and monitor the light as it transforms the scene in front of me with every changing second - perhaps the most crucial element to my images. It is about patience and resilience - two things I am quickly learning as I journey further into my career as a photographer




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Sony A7R
Canon Lenses
Gitzo Carbon Tripod
Really Right Stuff BH55 Ballhead
Vü Filters
F-Stop Bag


3 ND
105mm Polarizer


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